Holistic Living

Your Step Towards Holistic Lifestyle

Before we start, let’s be clear on one of the major misconceptions — holistic living is not same as holistic healing. If holistic healing consists of the techniques and procedures of healing, like herbal medicines, therapeutic massages, and countless of other healing methods that originated in the eastern world, the concept of holistic living goes beyond that. If a man chooses to live holistically, he will continue to live in that state, even after the healing process. It brings harmony to the life of all living beings around you, and promote their physical, mental,  emotional and spiritual well being. How happy a state to be in!

However, we don’t want to confuse holistic life with spiritual life, either. It is common for spiritually-enlightened people to live a content life, mainly because their thoughts and actions are already in tune with nature. They’re a part of the bigger picture, where the mind, body and soul are all connected. Even though you can find ‘elements of spirituality’ in a holistic approach, it is a much deeper understanding of life, of what’s around us; where your actions are reflected in your body, your life, by others, and by our environment as a whole.

In others words, how we think, react, interact and influence others are all reflections to the life we choose to live. At Sugati, we focus on helping you to take that first step towards holistic living. We provide you with the right environment for you to know and understand a world that was once ours.

Let’s reattach to nature.

Recognize and respect the powers of your body through Yoga

How energetic your life will be if you start your day with a nice warm up! Learning how to do that the right way, from the birthplace of this life form itself, makes it special.

How can you define yoga? Even though the basic techniques of yoga includes a few combinations of postures (asanas), breath regulation (pranayama), and meditation (samyana), yoga is different for different people. There are a lot of variations in the styles of yoga. For example, if the Ashtanga and Vinyasa tend to be more athletic, whereas, the Hatha and Iyengar yoga mostly uses stretches and yoga postures. Bikram, another style of yoga, consists of 26 postures.

Practice Mindfulness

Yoga, along with meditation, is said to provide the result and satisfaction of the complete meal. You don’t want to prepare your meal and not have it, won’t you? Well, that’s what happens if you don’t meditate after practising yoga.

Eat clean foods

Everything at Sugati is organic. We create our own food, organic and fresh from the garden. Any shortages in the supply are met by the local farmers focusing on organic farming methods, which indirectly helps in reducing the Carbon Footprint. We serve RO treated water prepared in-house in purified, sterilized reusable glass bottles for drinking.

Our Principles
How we strive to be Organic?

Also, while you are at Sugati, take some time out to learn the recipes of your favorite dishes from our chef and recreate it for your friends and family back home.

Recycle energy

Our concept of Sugati is simple — Recycle, reuse and reforest, which lead to a considerable reduction in the total Carbon Footprint.

“refuse what you do not need; reduce what you do need; reuse what you consume; recycle what you cannot refuse, reduce, or reuse; and rot (compost) the rest.”

Bea Johnson

To ensure this, we implemented minimum usage of plastic by using recyclable products. We replaced all the plastic stationery products with paper-based products. The food wastes from the restaurant are composed to manures. The sewage water is treated and is used in irrigation.

As a step towards reducing carbon footprint, we first reduced our energy consumption. Like Spicetree, our parent company, Sugati is also constructed in such a way that the maximum energy consumption to light up a room during the daytime is zero.

Let yourself grow

We all live in a world of organized chaos, which is a norm for most of us. It might look normal, but as realization happens, it becomes all the more difficult to stay in that inactive state. And, there lies the importance of balance, relaxation and wholeness.

Remember, Sugati is only a start to your holistic living as a life form.


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